Investing money is a great source of making passive income. There are many investment opportunities in Nigeria, but, we are attracting investors and guiding where to invest money in Nigeria. If you are thinking about investing in a profitable business in Nigeria in 2019 but don’t know which business to choose to earn extra money, here is a list of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Photo from This list of hot business ideas in Nigeria is made up of effective, time tested business ideas that guarantee you will get a high return on investment.
These ideas are carefully selected out of numerous ideas that will surely help you to make a profit. Each of these businesses is relevant in 2019 and up to date in Nigeria. One more thing to say here is that you need to make your own research before you use any of the financial investment opportunities in Nigeria. So, let’s begin with looking at some investing business ideas in Nigeria both for wealthy investors and those with little capital. How and where to invest money in Nigeria with little capital We will start with the investment opportunities for those who have little capital but still want to make an investment to get income.

1. Save and invest with a bank Every bank gives a possibility to create a savings account that allows to save and spend less. This is quite an attractive way to invest your money under the condition that your bank is reliable. Most African banks help entrepreneurs, employees, students, and others to save money paying them 10-15% annual interest. To start making money on savings from the bank you chose, create your account at your bank’s website, enter your bank details, and add a bank card. You will start earning the very same moment you create an account, and the whole process takes place online. So, you don’t have to make a visit to the bank.

2. Investing into FGN Savings Bonds The FGN (the Federal Government of Nigeria) offers to Nigerians a great investment opportunity called Savings Bonds. This investment programme is known to significantly contribute to the national growth of the country. By lending money to the government, average Nigerians are able to make money by earning interest on savings. When investing into the Federal Government of Nigeria Savings Bonds, you are allowed to invest N5,000 to N50,000,000 for 2 to 20 years. Note that the interest rate depends on the timeframe you choose and it is paid twice a year. The FGN savings bonds interest can reach up to 13% which is even more than interest in a Nigerian commercial bank. In addition, this investment is tax-free, and the money you save can be used as collateral if you need to get a loan from another commercial bank. Another reason why you should invest your savings into this Savings Bond is that it is a very reliable, safe and worthy opportunity as Nigerian government is not planning to collapse, at least, in the nearest future. Photo from Where to invest your money in Nigeria to make a fortune? The following ideas can help you to make a real fortune if you invest wisely. However, we advise you to study the field of investment thoroughly before you decide to invest your money.

1. Cryptocurrency It is known that cryptocurrency is one of the biggest and riskiest investment opportunities in Nigeria and around the world. The good thing about cryptocurrency is that you can make quick money if you know how the system works. Buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Altcoin, XRP, and others is a high yield investment opportunity to use if you have already got some extra cash. Make sure you contact a professional who can give you a hand with getting a proper knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

2. Gold Gold is perceived as a symbol of power and affluence. Some say that investing in gold is the best investment in Nigeria. Investing in this precious metal can help you to make a lot of money as gold’s value never falls because of the incredible importance attached to it. 15 karat gold will still always be 15 karat gold, but its worth will definitely increase over that period. There are a few types of gold items to invest in including gold jewelry, bars, coins, bullions, gold-plated items. If you store them for some period of time, for example, 10 years, you’ll be amazed at the return on your investment. Another option is to buy and sell gold items, however, you need to learn the basics of doing gold business in Nigeria in 2019. You must learn how to measure, weigh and value them. You need also learn how to see if you have a real gold product or counterfeit. If you have from 200,000 to 1 million Naira to invest in the gold business, you can make a fortune.


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