With a view to strengthening ICT for sustainable development and empowering stakeholders, public and private sector organizations from both India and the African continent will be recognized and accredited with the prestigious 2018 ASIA AFRICA ICT EXCELLENCE AWARD for their tremendous achievements in adopting best ICT practices to fight cyber crime and promote the use of ICT in human, environmental, and infrastructural development. The ICT Excellence Award will recognize only 10 (ten) countries in Africa that have been voted by the public and vetted by the established Awards Committee for superlative achievement in ICT transformation. This award is organized by Innovation Society of India, World Academy of Informatics and Management Sciences, Computer Society of India, Asia Africa Development Council (AADC), and the Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON).
The esteemed ICT Awards will be classified as follows: ICT Innovation, ICT Competitiveness, ICT Utilization for Sustainable Development, ICT in Education Development, and ICT in Combating Crimes.
It’s important to note that few countries in Africa are committed to the modern application of ICT as an important component in the development of their countries. It’s also important to note that, although many African nations have established ICT ministries and many ICT agencies, only woefully marginal achievements have been registered and the level of ICT innovation and utilization is still miserably inadequate in those countries. It is to address this lacuna that the summit organizers have set up awards for The Best ICT Excellence Countries in Africa along with the 2018 Asia Africa ICT Excellence Awards.

The ICT Excellence Award will recognize the best performing Information Communication Technology (ICT) stakeholders such as telephone service providers, banking companies, government agencies, government ministries, ICT investment companies, academic institutions, insurance service providers, automotive companies, micro finance companies, manufacturing companies, radio and TV stations, etc. from the participating countries of Asia, Arab, and Africa. Winners of the Asia Arab Africa ICT Excellence Award will receive a certification of award (fully endorsed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Republic of India) in appreciation of their contribution towards confronting cyber challenges and utilizing ICT for the development of their respective countries.

The profiles, logos, and contacts of winners will be extensively publicized online and also published in “The Asia Africa Novelties Directory” to be officially launched during the summit and widely distributed across the continents and globally.


Government Agencies | Banking Institutions | Advertising Agencies | Architectural Firms | Audit and Accounting Firms | Automotive Companies | Building Construction Companies | Cement Companies | Central Banks | Courier Companies | Defense Forces | FM Radio Stations | Foods and Beverages | Graphics Companies | Health Facilities | Hotels | Insurance Service Providers | Logistics Companies | NGOs | Packaging Companies | Plastic Companies | Police Forces | Political Groups/Parties | Private Security Companies | Construction Companies | Steel Companies | Telephone Service Providers | Television Stations | Tourism Organizations | Universities | Engineering Colleges

NOMINATION IS OPEN. Please nominate a country, company, government agency, or organization in any part of ASIA AND AFRICA that you consider an achiever in the ICT sector.
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