The exhibition at the 2018 ASIA AFRICA ICT SUMMIT, EXPO, AND AWARDS will provide an excellent platform for participating Indian and African companies to showcase their ICT products and services, understand more about the digital goals of each nation, and learn how they can support each other through close cooperation and mutual benefit.

Key Highlights of the Exhibition

  • Country pavilions from both India and Africa will be present at the exhibition.
  • Innovative and diversified products and services will be showcased along with live demos.
  • B2B platform for the exhibitors. One-on-one business meetings and interactions will be finalized based on registration preferences for selected verticals as well as on-the-spot registrations.
  • Visitors are offered an opportunity to understand the telecom and IT industry better through the exhibition and its related networking activities.

Who Can Exhibit

Registrants could be interested in one or more panel sessions. B2B sessions will be assigned based on the specific verticals selected by stakeholders from India and other participating nations.

Participation for Exhibition
The entire IT and electronics community including corporates, diplomats, ambassadors, industrialists, NGOs, and students will be present. The focus of the exposition and the accompanying seminars will be on the contemporary works of the entire range of subjects dealing with information technology. National and international representations will be at the heart of the meet.
} Showcase of products and services, and technological capabilities of multimedia and IT.
} Global technologies, world trends, economic realities, and market moods.
} Buyer-seller interactions, relationship building, partnership setups, mutual alliances.
} Hands-on demos, games, e-governance initiatives/services, and displays of products, equipment, systems, and components.

} Showcase of various ICT-based courses by various educational institutions.
} Announcing new products, software, processes, projects, and innovations.

Proposed Facilities and Amenities for Stalls:
1. Octanorm systems with carpeting
2. Telephone and internet connection (optional)
3. Fire fighting facilities, first aid, and medical assistance
4. Stall size: 2m/3m x 2m/3m surrounded by 2.5m high partitions
5. Fascia panel (16” high) with name of the participating organization (with 4” vinyl letters – blue/red color)
6. One table, two spotlights, and two chairs for each stall
7. One 230VAC, 50Hz, 5A plug point with 1KW capacity backed up by on-line UPS in each stall, air conditioning, and 24 hours security

PLATINUM (US$ 15,000) 4 free registrations | 4 banquet tickets | 3 exhibition tables | LOGO listed on summit web page
GOLD (US$ 10,000 ) 3 free registrations | 3 banquet tickets | 2 exhibition tables | LOGO listed on summit web page
SILVER (US$ 7,000) 2 free registrations | 2 banquet tickets | 1 exhibition table | LOGO listed on summit web page
BRONZE (US$ 3,000) 2 free registrations | 1 banquet ticket | 1 exhibition table | LOGO listed on summit web page